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I do not make any kind of profit from these domain names. I pay the yearly registration fees out of my own pocket just because I hate seeing what cybersquatters have done with some names. I never ask a celebrity for money, or anything of value, if they want their domain. If they volunteer a little, I'll take it and use it to register more names, and I do put some affiliate links on some of the sites, but they make no where near the cost of the domains. To give you an idea of the finances, each domain is $10/year and in the last year I've made a total of about $35 in commissions. Most of the domains have links to my PWS site, but I haven't yet had any new clients sign up from seeing one of those links. With over 70 protected domains, my cost is about $60/month. With $3/month in commissions, I'm spending $57/month myself to protect these names.

The only reason I decided to add this page on Feb 7, 2009 is because we appear to be in a recession and my main income is from website hosting. When people have to cut back on bills, a website is one of the first things they will cancel. For the last couple years, business has been going downhill, and I've had to start letting some of the domains go to reduce my expenses.

If you like what I am doing, you can show your support by letting me know with the form below, or financially through a Paypal donation. Any amount is appreciated and helps me continue to do this. If you would like to help in another way, e-mail me.

If you are one of the celebrities whose name I'm protecting, and you don't want it at this time, but appreciate me protecting it, a small donation, if you can afford it, helps me to be able to afford to protect more names. I know acting isn't a high paying profession until the actor becomes famous, so many of you whose names I have registered don't have spare money. Whether you can afford to make a donation or not, if you appreciate me protecting your name, at least let me know so I can be sure not to let yours go.

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E-mail me if you want to ask any questions, make any comments, or request protection of a celebrity name