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The internet can be a wonderful experience, and to some, it is one of the greatest inventions yet, but to others, it can also be a nightmare or a source of problems. Premier Website Solutions is proud to be doing what we can about some of the internet problems. Below are some of the things we do to help make the internet a better place for everyone.

Protecting Celebrity Names From Cybersquatters

Cybersquatting is the art of making money from famous people or businesses by registering theirname.com or theirtrademark.com before they do and either putting up a "for profit" site or hoping to sell it for a high price. In some cases they even put up negative or derogatory content to force a sale. When it comes to famous names, especially ladies names, some people will put up an adult content website. We register a few famous names to help protect from this and to make sure the rightful owner can HAVE the name FREE when and if they decide they want it. No strings attached.

Why do we do this? Some would say:
"It has to be to gain something. No one would register names to give away without wanting something in return."
Mike Secord, the owner of Premier Website Solutions, initially registered a couple of names before even planning to start this business. He did so as a fan of those celebrities to prevent what he saw was being done with some other names. After going into the website hosting and domain name registration business, since domain names were inexpensive and only a small business expense, he decided to start protecting more names. We don't go crazy and register every name we find available like some people do for 2 reasons. One, we wouldn't be able to afford to because we don't use those names to make money, and two, a lot of famous people don't want their name, so most of the names we register will never be used by that person. What they don't realise though is that fans do try their name .com and if the wrong person gets it, they can be affected by what is done with the domain.

What are we doing with these domains? Depends on what the rightful owner wants.
If the person whose name we registered wants the domain, it's theirs. Every famous name we register belongs to that person if they ever want it. We offer our services if they wish to use them, but do not force anyone to do so. They don't even have to use our registration services. If they want their domain, we will give it to them, and even transfer it to their own registrar account for $0, but we do need to be sure it is being transferred to the proper person. If that person doesn't want the domain, we may put up a basic site, leave it as a parked page, or in time, we may decide to let it go.

If you are a celebrity or skater, and we have registered your name, just contact us and let us know what you want to do with it. We can transfer ownership to you (parent or guardian if under 18) and offer our free privacy option, or we can transfer the domain to a registrar of your choice, or we can offer you hosting at a nice discount and even design work if you want. If you don't want the domain, but do understand what can happen if we let it go someday, contact us to let us know that you know what we're doing. By doing that, we will be sure to not let the domain go someday so you never have to worry about what someone does with it.

See what names we have registered, now or in the past, and what is going on with them, here.

Do we expect something in return for what we do? No
Do we hope to get something in return for this? Sure. It's nice when someone appreciates what we're doing, even nicer when we know, and a little business and/or publicity won't be turned down, but even if we never get anything for doing this, we will continue to do so just to prevent a few names from being stolen, misused, or worse.

I'm a celebrity and my name has been registered by a cybersquatter. What can I do?
In many cases, you can get your name, but it may cost a few dollars.
Find the different options on my FAQ page.

Things We Do For Our Customers

Whois Privacy

When a domain name is registered, most domain options require making the contact information, including address, phone, and email, publicly available. It's not usually a problem, but there are times where the owner may not want this information public. With our domain name registration services, we offer a free privacy option. With this option, if you register a domain through us, the domain is legally yours, but your contact information is kept private. The registrant is your name and our address, and you get a free email account or forwarder, yourname@privatelyregistered.com. Our privacy option can be turned on or off at any time.

Many registrars and registrar resellers offer a privacy option, but most also charge extra for this service. With us, it's free.

Website Security

All websites are made available to the public through internet connections which allow individual computers to communicate with a "host computer", or server, where the website pages and files are stored. Since servers are connected permanently and available to just about anyone, there are security risks. We keep our systems and software up to date, and even have some of our own security "extras" to give you a safe place to host your site. We also DO NOT allow any sites containing questionable content. For specifics, see our Acceptable Use Policies

Personal Privacy

When you sign up to use any of our services, there is basic information we need to know about you, but we DO NOT share any of this information with anyone unless required by law. We also do our best to protect this information from prying eyes. All of our order forms use SSL security with 128 bit encryption to make sure your data can't be retrieved by others while it's being sent from your browser to our server. For more details, see our Privacy Policy.

Things We Do For Others


There are various organizations that have been set up to help people in need, help protect wildlife, help prevent or overcomes disasters, and a range of other purposes. We are proud to assist various organizations by donating proceeds from our sales. A percentage of all website hosting or design sales is donated to various causes. Anyone ordering our services can even choose which organization they want to help from our list of organizations we currently donate to.

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